bottleneck in manufacturing

In the world of manufacturing, efficiency is paramount. One of the biggest hindrances to a smooth manufacturing process is what’s known as a ‘bottleneck’. This term refers to the point in the production line where work accumulates faster than it can be processed. Fortunately, scheduling software has emerged as a powerful tool to address and… READ MORE

Saturn Industries Gets Acquainted with Protected Flow Manufacturing™

Q&A with Saturn Industries’ Rory Lee (Part One of Three) We recently spoke with Rory Lee, Vice President of Operations and Business Develop Manager with Saturn Industries, Inc. Rory, who has been with Saturn since 1997, talked about his company’s experiences before and after implementing Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) by LillyWorks. Q: Can you tell us about… READ MORE

Resolved to Solve Production Scheduling?

This is the time of the year where we spend a few minutes looking back and reviewing our performance asking ourselves what we’d like to improve most. In our personal lives, it’s typically staying with the diet, getting to the gym more, or resolving to take more time to smell the roses What We’d Like… READ MORE

Protected Flow Manufacturing @ VMCAUG in Ontario, Canada

Dave Luckner presenting Protected Flow Manufacturing today at VMCAUG in Ontario, Canada. Results that allow manufacturers to deliver on time, in less time, everytime – and it proves it’s work – put it to the test, it’s ready for your toughest challenge! What’s Next: Read Cindy Jutras’ report of how LillyWorks is challenging the long held… READ MORE

Protected Flow Manufacturing – a Revolutionary New Approach

These articles are portions of a lecture presented to APICS by our friend Gene Caiola. In our last segment titled “Finite Scheduling – Not So Easy To Be Successful” we left off after realizing that Finite Scheduling was a bit more work than it was worth… Protected Flow Manufacturing – a Revolutionary New Approach The… READ MORE