Rocky Hill, CT – January 25, 2017 — PDQ, Inc., manufacturer of precision-machined components for the aerospace industry joins the fast-growing list of users of LillyWorks’ revolutionary new cloud-based software. It’s Manufacturing ERP reimagined™.

According to Ron Gronback, Jr., PDQ, Inc. President, “our company was launched in 1989 at the request of the Vice President of Manufacturing and Purchasing at the former Hamilton Standard. The company was originally set up to alleviate delivery and technical issues for location pins and specialized wave and bi-metallic washers.

Fast forward twenty-eight years and PDQ has graduated from an initial two product line of wave washers and pins to exact tolerance machined components of varying high technology raw materials. These include specialized assemblies and orifice parts.

Mr. Gronback added, “We use our ‘_One and Done_’ method of manufacturing with a variety of 6 to 11 axis mill/turn machines allowing us to machine complete parts in one set-up.”

“Since a major expansion in 2015, we have developed expertise in orifice assemblies, sub-assemblies, technical buying, and managing our supply chain. A core value for PDQ, Inc. is delivering outstanding customer service and satisfaction at all times. We understand meeting the needs of our associates and customers is the key to future success. We’re relying on Protected Flow Manufacturing™ to enable us to deliver on-time, every time,” Mr. Gronback stated.

Protected Flow Manufacturing™ greatly simplifies Shop Floor Execution and Planning by employing a powerful, yet easy to understand method of releasing and prioritizing work in production. In addition to making sure that the most important jobs are being worked on now, it is able to simulate the effect of issues concerning resource capacity and material availability that are likely to occur in the future. Protected Flow Manufacturing™ Planning leverages bill of material, production routing, available capacity and inventory data to present solutions to prevent those issues from occurring. Together, the execution and predictive capabilities enable custom, make-to-order manufacturers to deliver to their customers when originally promised, increasing customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability in the process.

About LillyWorks. The Lilly family has been innovating software for manufacturing companies since 1960. LillyWorks serves only manufacturing companies. Fully aware that the needs of manufacturers have changed since last century and that MRP II functionality is no longer good enough, LillyWorks puts Manufacturing Back in ERP™. Lilly Works is headquartered at One Liberty Lane, Suite 210, Hampton, NH 03842. Telephone 603-926-9696 or visit #####

For further information, contact: Mark Lilly Office: 972-926-3580 Or Steven Swartz Mobile 978-265-4934 Or Ron Gronback, Jr. – CEO & President PDQ, Inc. 860-529-9051