The Status Flow

Insights on why manufacturing needs to change the shop floor scheduling paradigm.

No matter which traditional planning methods manufacturers use, the schedules generated by capacity-loading software often lead to frustration.

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Stop Looking For the “Optimal” Production Scheduling Solution

Which of you readers like computational math?  If you do, jump to the next paragraph, if you don’t I’ll cut to the chase – understanding that finding a mathematical solution that produces an “optimal” production schedule is a more challenging version of the Travelling Salesman problem, our dilemma of finding a solution then falls into the class of “Non-deterministic Polynomial” problems and therefore, it is unsolvable. 

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3 Reasons Why Production Scheduling is Not Working for You

For the last 40 years manufacturers have been looking to their ERP’s Finite Capacity Scheduling or bolt-on “Advanced Planning & Scheduling” (APS) tools to help them deliver their production orders (“jobs” or “Work-orders”) to their customers on time.

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