A Brief History of LillyWorks

Since 1960, the Lilly family has been dedicated to creating leading-edge MRP and ERP solutions that give manufacturing leaders and their teams more freedom. In 1991, founder Dick Lilly launched VISUAL Manufacturing as the world’s first software in this sector to offer an intuitive graphical user interface.

Today, brothers Mark and Michael Lilly are leading an evolution beyond traditional scheduling and MRP tools. We call it the Dynamic Production Method (DPM). This is the science behind our PFM™ platform. Now, we are telling everyone our secret because it’s time to solve the late problem for good.

How DPM Delivers Your Competitive Edge

DPM improves and protects manufacturing flow by prioritizing action based on the right decision drivers and realistic, flexible time protection.

Through more than 60 years of serving manufacturing organizations, we have distilled our methodology into the 3 critical performance principles high-mix job shops must activate to achieve their OTD goals:

  1. Pragmatic Planning: Treat the due date as a last resort for OTD rather than the expectation.

Incorporating realistic time protection for every job leaves room to adjust for inevitable delays, increasing flexibility and predictability across multiple jobs and enabling reduction in overall lead times as performance increases.

  1. Proper Pacing: Release jobs into WIP at the RIGHT time to avoid creating bottlenecks.

Reducing WIP volume has been consistently proven to shorten queue times. The right amount of WIP helps teams avoid unnecessary material shortages and makes it possible to focus on consistently keeping due date promises.

  1. Predictive Prioritization: Work on the jobs most at risk for being late first, even if they are due later.

It’s essential to use a system that watches and adjusts for delays based on threat level (risk of lateness) in real time as situations on the ground in the shop change. This includes responding to availability of materials, people, equipment, etc.

Learn more and see these principles in action with our PFM™ platform.

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Our Vision and Mission

In the world we are helping to build, due dates are kept promises instead of hopeful guesses. We are committed to making consistent on-time-delivery the norm with a practical process and platform that finally makes sense of the complicated manufacturing workflow to drive the RIGHT action in real-time and enable predictable future performance.

Meet Our Team

Mark Lilly
Michael Lilly
VP Product Management
David Layne
CTO/VP Development
Sean Wyckoff
QA Director
Scott Filiault
VP Operations

The Values That Drive Us

Tenacity: We Get Things Done, No Matter What
As a tight-knit team, we know exactly what it’s like to have no other option than doing what it takes to get work out the door. We work smart to prioritize our own actions so we can keep our commitments — and we help our clients do the same.

Innovation: We Innovate to Fix Causes, Not Symptoms
We’re solving the late problem in manufacturing by going to the real root cause traditional scheduling that can’t help using the wrong information and values for prioritization. With our innovative process & platform we help clients make the shift to an on-time culture based on flow.

Freedom: We Relieve the Burden of Being Behind
We work hard every day to free manufacturing leaders and teams from the suffering, stress, and uncertainty of a problem they thought would always be there. We get excited and delighted to see what our clients can achieve when they are ahead of the game instead of behind schedule.

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