About LillyWorks

Helping Manufacturers Deliver Better Since 1960

At LillyWorks, we have assembled a world-class team who are focused on one goal: giving manufacturers the visibility and control you demand, to get the freedom you deserve.

Leading the Way

LillyWorks founder, Dick Lilly, has dedicated his career to creating manufacturing control systems that push the boundaries of available technology – from mainframe computers, minicomputers, and microprocessors to networked systems and the cloud.

Working at the forefront of MRP, MRP II, and ERP innovation, Mr. Lilly launched VISUAL Manufacturing in 1991, the world’s first manufacturing software to offer an intuitive graphical user interface.

Putting Manufacturing Back in ERP

In the early days of MRP and ERP development, software companies believed that the core of their products was adequate enough for manufacturing, often emphasizing functionality for non-manufacturing companies.

Today, ERP and manufacturing are no longer synonymous. With rapid shifts in industrial technology, the needs of manufacturers have evolved, and “good enough” MRP and ERP functionality isn’t going to cut it.

LillyWorks offers the latest in cloud manufacturing ERP software designed to integrate everything manufacturers need to grow their business.

Creating a Better Way to Manage Production

The majority of production scheduling software on the market today is based on flawed and outdated methodology, so we set out to reinvent how manufacturers manage shop floor production.

When our team realized that a lot of shops don’t use their ERP’s scheduling feature and instead rely on time-consuming, manual processes such as whiteboards and spreadsheets, we created Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) — a revolutionary production management software that helps drastically improve on-time delivery by prioritizing what needs to happen first, not what’s due first.

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