It’s Time for an Evolution in Production Performance for OTD

Manufacturers have already spent decades working hard to gain efficient utilization through spreadsheets, whiteboards, ERP/APS/MES scheduling tools, Lean, machine monitoring, and more. None of these solutions have been able to reliably fix the late problem. Current supply chain issues aren’t making things any easier.

At LillyWorks, we shift the focus to effective performance with a solution that provides visibility and control from materials planning all the way through to final output

The Dynamic Production Method Delivers Your Competitive Edge
  • Improve and protect manufacturing flow
  • Use the RIGHT decision drivers to prioritize action
  • Use realistic, flexible time protection to eliminate scrambling with hot jobs
  • Outpace and outperform competitors by mastering OTD
  • Streamline production for greater effectiveness and predictability
  • Speed up manufacturing to enable shorter lead times

Through Pragmatic Planning, Proper Pacing, and Predictive Prioritization, our clients reliably increase on-time delivery to 90-100% even for highly complex environments with hundreds or thousands of parts and processes in the mix.

Protected Flow Manufacturing™ Fixes the Root of the Late Problem

As our flagship technology platform, PFM™ works no matter where symptoms appear:

  • Production Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Purchasing
  • Materials Planning
  • Sales
  • Shipping & Receiving
  • Engineering
  • And More

In addition to real-time insights, our predictive AI can simulate hundreds of work orders in minutes to identify the best path forward.

This proprietary system gives manufacturers a remarkable edge on their competitors by solving the problems that traditional scheduling simply can’t.

What’s Different When You Work with LillyWorks?
  • We help you finally have accurate data and visibility that makes sense at every level from executive leadership to the shop floor.
  • Our intuitive and common-sense system allows your organization to accurately manage material planning, predict production lead times, boost OTD, and improve cash flow.
  • Your people can see the RIGHT action steps at all times, creating a cohesive team working toward 100% OTD. We simplify what complex and outdated scheduling tools have not been able to solve.
  • Finger pointing between departments stops because now it’s easy to keep promises to customers and avoid bottlenecks in production flow.
  • You make the most of your existing investments in resources, technologies, and efficiency techniques, and free up capacity to take on additional orders. You have the space to innovate once they start delivering on time most of the time.
  • We help you drive the organizational change to a high-performing flow-based shop to ensure adoption and engagement at all levels and across departments.
  • You get a solution that works to run activity in your shop with or without an ERP and from anywhere (even on the go!)
  • Low upfront costs and subscription model for the software makes a pilot program low risk/high reward.

As the next step in evolution beyond traditional Scheduling models, the Dynamic Production Method and PFM™ technology solve the “late problem” when other solutions fail.

Our approach works with real-time inputs and intelligent calculations for continuous flow instead of outdated, inaccurate, unrealistic, batch-based, rigid scheduling inputs that focus on the wrong decision drivers.

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We’ve been on the forefront of MRP, MRP II, and ERP software innovation for over 55 years.


We reinvented production planning and execution to reflect real-time priorities on a shop floor.


We have a world-class team with deep knowledge in manufacturing process and planning.

Success StoryYielding speedy improvements with Protected Flow Manufacturing™

See how PFM helped the Cutting Tool Division of Arch Global Precision make planning and execution a strength.
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