In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, optimizing production scheduling is crucial for efficient operations and meeting customer demands. While many companies still rely on Excel spreadsheets for production scheduling, it’s time to reconsider this outdated approach and embrace modern software solutions that offer seamless automation and optimization. Excel Production Schedule: Pros and Cons of a Familiar… READ MORE

Shop floor management holds immense importance in the realm of manufacturing. It is the linchpin ensuring smooth operations, optimal performance, and overall success.  Manufacturers can achieve improved efficiency and productivity by effectively coordinating and managing all activities that transpire on the shop floor.  By efficiently utilizing resources such as machines, materials, and labor, shop floor… READ MORE

Using Protected Flow Manufacturing to respond to when customers ask “When is my job going to be done?”

Val Zanchuck, President of Graphicast, discusses using Protected Flow Manufacturing‘s Predictor to respond to when Customer’s ask “When is my job going to be done?” by understanding how all jobs are placed into the production schedule, being able to identify gaps in shop floor resource capacity and being able to see anticipated completion dates. See the success story here. Val… READ MORE

From IBM to LillyWorks: An Evolution

By: Richard T. (“Dick”) Lilly My working life has been spent trying to create the best manufacturing control system that the technology at the time will allow. By trying to recount each reiteration, I come up with a count of eleven successive creations. A short history is as follows. IBM 1960-1968 I joined IBM as… READ MORE