bottleneck in manufacturing

In the world of manufacturing, efficiency is paramount. One of the biggest hindrances to a smooth manufacturing process is what’s known as a ‘bottleneck’. This term refers to the point in the production line where work accumulates faster than it can be processed. Fortunately, scheduling software has emerged as a powerful tool to address and… READ MORE

No Slowing Down at 85

Dick Lilly has worked through the computer revolution, step by step, from mainframes to minicomputers to microprocessors, and now into the cloud – and at age 85 he has no intention of slowing down. Click here to read the full article in New Hampshire Business Review Magazine.

MRP Troubles, Enter Finite Scheduling

These articles are portions of a lecture presented to APICS by our friend Gene Caiola. In our last segment titled “The First Programs: Where it all began” we left off after MRP failed to account for the workers when planning out production… Enter Finite Scheduling As the 1980’s and 1990’s brought minicomputers and the personal… READ MORE

Attend the “Wake-Up to Manufacturing” session on Managing Variability

Dave Luckner of LW Performance Associates, Inc. will be reviewing one of the most common operational challenges within manufacturers today – Variability – “The New Normal” at The Manufacturers’ Association “Wake-Up to Manufacturing” morning networking & education series. The session will start by examining the different types of Variability and associated business performance issues and will introduce… READ MORE

Manufacturers: Give Your Employees What They Want

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently reported that workplace tech impacts hiring and worker retention. The survey of nearly 250 business executives, managers and consultants found that: Manufacturers should take note. For many manufacturers, their weakest technology link is where they need it most: shop floor production planning and execution. Most shops don’t use their ERP’s… READ MORE

LillyWorks Protected Flow Manufacturing Software with New Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) Helps Manufacturers Say “ENOUGH!”

HAMPTON, NH — July 20, 2017 — *(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — “Because consumers now demand ‘instant gratification’ and have mind-boggling amounts of choice, manufacturing today is driven by demand. To be successful, a manufacturer must have the right products and materials – *and enough supply on hand – to fulfill customer expectations,” says Dick Lilly, founder and… READ MORE