You probably know that Protected Flow Manufacturing (PFM) offers your manufacturing shop a better way to plan and execute on the manufacturing floor. PFM protects you against all the variables that can throw off your schedule. PFM is easy to use, simple to understand, and powerful in the results it delivers.

As your shop improves its performance with PFM, your sales will benefit, too. Here’s how:

More repeat orders from customers – Nothing hurts your business’ reputation like missed deadlines. PFM empowers you to make commitments to customers with confidence. As you consistently deliver more customer orders on-time, you will build trust.

Your salespeople should not be shy about highlighting the value you provide to customers. Challenge your customers to compare your track record against competitive suppliers. If your company delivers on-time, in less time, every time, you shouldn’t be surprised that more customers will choose to make your company their preferred supplier.

Savings can be reinvested in sales and marketing – PFM eliminates the need for lengthy daily/weekly production scheduling meetings. PFM automatically adjusts your schedule to make sure you meet all your deadlines on all your jobs. In fact, PFM end users report that the software has, in many cases, reduced the burden on their shop floor scheduling departments by nearly half – representing a substantial savings for you.

PFM represents a golden opportunity for you to productively reallocate resources and make better use of your personnel. In a competitive economy, it’s always a good choice to build up your sales and marketing resources. When you assign more people to the task of winning more business, your business will grow. And with PFM, you’ll be able to deliver those additional orders on-time as well.

Introduce fees for value-added services – PFM is highly regarded for protecting delivery due dates and maximizing flow through the shop. As PFM makes order out of what was formerly manufacturing scheduling chaos, you’ll soon find more opportunities to service your customers. A common strategy is to introduce fees for expedited orders.

Make an offer to your customers to have them challenge you. Prove that your shop can help the customer meet their commitments, too. Whether or not you choose to add a premium for your personalized services, the value of your company will rise in the supply chain.

There are many good reasons for manufacturers to invest in PFM. As PFM’s powerful, automated production scheduling tools improve your operations, your sales operations will benefit, too. Allow PFM to help your manufacturing enterprise build a more comprehensive and competitive, profitable and thriving businesses.