The Only Manufacturing ERP That
Creates Order Out of Chaos

From enabling better flow and improving on-time delivery to providing complete transparency between financial performance and production, Protected Flow Manufacturing™ Enterprise (PFM Enterprise) gives you everything you need to make informed business decisions, improve operations, and increase profit.

PFM Enterprise can help your shop:

Alert. Recommend. Do.

PFM is a revolutionary shop floor production planning and execution system that helps you drastically improve on-time delivery by prioritizing what needs to happen first, not what’s due first.

  • Ensure everyone is always working on the right job, next, with PFM’s Threat-Level Prioritization.
  • Know exactly where your work orders are and how they’re progressing, which job to work on next, and when customers will receive their order.
  • Simulate the way you’ll be executing jobs at each future moment to identify and prevent problematic work orders from derailing production.

Manufacturing ERP: Reimagined™

Most manufacturing ERP systems aren’t as integrated as you need them to be. With PFM Enterprise, you’re getting the shop floor production management confidence of PFM and a powerful, cloud ERP in a single, seamless solution.

  • Easily navigate with built-in staging, integrated workflow, and advanced customization features.
  • Tie critical manufacturing and financials together while maintaining granular control over how your teams organize, access, and analyze critical information.
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership with a cost-effective, cloud ERP solution that grows with you.

State-of-the-Art Financials for Manufacturing

Available as an optional add-on to PFM Enterprise, LillyWorks Financials ensures you have access to accurate, consolidated performance data whenever you need it to make decisions that are essential to sustained growth.

  • Maximize cash flow with flexible options for processing and receiving orders, accepting customer and supplier payments, satisfying open invoices, and much more.
  • Be as simple or complex as you need to be with flexible accounting calendars and structures that can be aligned with your financial model.
  • Empower accountants to write their own financial reports without the advanced technical knowledge normally required to pull that data into ERP.

Material Planning for the 21st Century

An optional add-on for companies that manufacture finished products, subassemblies, or components to stock, Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP) simplifies material requirements planning and removes reactive drama from day-to-day inventory management.

  • Combine with PFM to balance priorities between Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock and protect commitments against delays from false signals to replenish.
  • Eliminate the constant correction of pulling in or pushing out MRP-generated orders with replenishment recommendations triggered by actual usage.
  • Maintain proper inventory levels even as actual demand changes with dynamic material planning buffers that flex over time.


Protected Flow Manufacturing clearly lays out the priority, not just the date that we’ve told the customer. In addition to better timing for the jobs, we now have clear priority between Make-to-Order and Make-to-Stock.
Jeff Cederstrom Arch Global Precision

Let Us Show You a Better Way

Stop struggling with the limitations of traditional shop floor production scheduling and manufacturing ERP. We can help you gain the visibility, control, and clarity you need to achieve stronger operational and financial performance.

Contact us today to learn how PFM Enterprise can:

  • Drastically improve on-time delivery and increase throughput to
    your bottom line
  • Scale as you grow without making huge investments in technology
  • Create complete transparency between financial performance and production
  • Protect committed due dates and inventory availability

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