Manufacturing Webinar

Let’s face it, “Manufacturing” was dropped by software vendors when MRP II turned to ERP in the mid-1990’s. The default functionality for managing production in ERP then and still today is traditional MRP and finite scheduling from the 1970’s and 80’s. And neither has changed much since then – over 40 years ago.

What you Need to Manage Production in the 21st Century!

Most manufacturing companies today are Hi-Mix, Make-to-Order, Custom Manufacturing Production environments. Trying to use software that was originally designed for building make-to-stock, standard products is time-consuming and frustrating. Really, all you want is to be able to answer these questions quickly, easily, and visually:

• Customer called, wants to know where her order is, and when she can get it?

• How is any job or even all jobs tracking against when they need to ship?

• What jobs do I need to start today? Do I have material for it? If not, when will I get it?

• I have sub-assembly dependencies. My sub-assemblies even have sub-assemblies. How do I manage the due dates and dependencies on all those workorders?

• I’ve got 4 or 5 jobs waiting to be worked on in any workcenter. How do I know which one to work on next?

• Customer just changed the due date on our biggest order – what will that do to all our other orders?

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Whether you’re currently in a slow period, or business is booming, take the time now to learn how you can use your current ERP to quickly address your biggest Production Management challenges and unleash your company’s Manufacturing potential today:

• Better On-time Delivery Performance

• Higher Contribution Margin / Profit

• Improved Customer Satisfaction