Extend the lives of your sales and operations management team.

If you’re involved in business you probably know that scheduling meetings go something like this:– Coffee and donuts in the conference room

  • Debating with sales about relative priorities
  • Negotiating with operations about how to schedule bottlenecks
  • Upper management refereeing with an eye on the end of the month
Business team reaching for doughnuts on table

These meetings can take up a lot of time.

How often does a scheduling meeting happen? Twice weekly? Daily? How long does it take? An hour? Two hours? How many people attend? Three? Seven? How many man-hours does that add up to each week?

What’s the satisfaction level afterwards?

Does everyone leave the scheduling meeting completely satisfied that all the decisions made were the right ones? Does anyone? Are your customers satisfied with your delivery performance? Is finance satisfied with the additional unplanned cost required to achieve on time delivery?


Then there are the health detriments these meetings bring:

Whose blood pressure gets raise during the scheduling meeting? Whose job frustration level gets raised during the scheduling meeting? Who resents the scheduling meeting because they could be getting real work done instead? What effect does the process have on team morale?

Let Protected Flow Manufacturing’s MEP do it for you.

The Manufacturing Execution and Planning (MEP) features of Protected Flow Manufacturing is first of all an EXECUTION METHOD. PFM’s MEP constantly monitors the relative priority among sales and production orders.

Because the priorities will be different tomorrow. Or even an hour from now. Makes sure that everyone is always working on the right thing, right now.

happy industrial worker with protection goggles at drill machine

We sort out the obvious priorities.

PFM always presents workers in production with the proper order to work on next. PFM always presents buyers in purchasing with the items to expodite or buy next. These priorities remain obvious even when due dates move earlier on customer orders. Even when sales accepts orders in less than the quoted lead time.

Then there’s the team work bonus:

Everyone in operations working together with sales to achieve on time delivery. WITHOUT A SCHEDULED MEETING.

And the team health benefits:

  • Less weight gain from eating donuts
  • Lower blood pressures
  • Less frustration
  • No resentments
  • Improved team morale

AND the company benefits:

  • Less cash spent on donuts
  • Enhanced reputation for on time delivery
  • Improved cash flow
  • Additional management man hours
  • Focus on improving even more

Protected Flow Manufacturing delivers results.