Read the testimonial about how Saturn Industries, Inc., a leader in the design and fabrication of EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) electrodes and tooling for the aerospace, automotive, glass, medical, molding and power generation industries recently solved a customer service problem that had been plaguing the company.

According to Rory Lee, Saturn Business Development Manager, “We have been using the same ERP system since 2002. Although it was cumbersome and required a lot of manual scheduling, it was comfortable, and everyone was used to it.

“However, on-time deliveries began to suffer to the point where very demanding key customers called sometimes twice a day to ‘make sure’ their orders would be on time. Our first-in-first out system was a problem to the point where we were delivering about 50 to 60 percent on-time monthly. Worse, customers told us they didn’t believe us! We had to do something.” That something was Protected Flow Manufacturing.

The result:

  • By December 2017, deliveries improved to 71 percent.
  • January 2018 on-time deliveries were up 78 percent.
  • February on-time shipments have hit 89 percent – and climbing!

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