Ready to Rethink the way you’re Managing Production?

If you’re like most manufacturing companies, you’re managing production with a combination of whiteboards, spreadsheets, and outdated ERP functionality. These approaches are tedious, time-consuming, and difficult to maintain.

Take Control of your Production Environment!

Learn a New Approach to Managing Production by attending any or all 3 webinars that will give you the answers to these seemingly simple production management questions:

  1. “Scheduling” – What job should I work on next? When can my customer get their order? Register here now
  2. “Material Planning” – do I have enough materials? How do I manage all the subassemblies I need to build for the final product at all levels? How can I know when/where to start? Register here now
  3. “Costing” – How much profit does each job / product contribute to my bottom line? How do I know if I will be able to cover my costs this month? How can I see my bottlenecks and know how to unleash hidden capacity and profitability in my company? Register here now

Whether you’re currently in a slow period, or business is booming, take the time now to learn how to apply these new concepts to unleash the potential of your Manufacturing Production environment:

• Better On-time Delivery Performance

• Higher Contribution Margin / Profit

• Improved Customer Satisfaction