HAMPTON, NH (Feb 6, 2017)– Protected Flow Manufacturing™ from LillyWorks is new, supplemental software significantly simplifying Shop Floor Execution and Planning by employing a powerful, yet easy-to-understand method of releasing and prioritizing work in production.

According to Dick Lilly, Chairman of LillyWorks and well-known veteran ERP software designer, “Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) is a bolt-on ‘supercharged’ scheduling approach that enables custom, make-to-order manufacturers to deliver to their customers when originally promised, increasing customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

“Since the introduction of software to help small manufacturers run their businesses more effectively,” Mr. Lilly continued, “there has been resistance to relying on something new. Fear of the new is not unreasonable, because many make-to-order manufacturers have been burned by overly complicated, highly sophisticated systems designed more for theory than for how actual, real-life, day-to-day manufacturing works. Shortcomings become obvious when delivery promises cannot be kept, and expediting outside the system becomes the only way to get finished products out the door.”

The Execution part of the system leverages Little’s Law to lean out WIP, and get whatever is in WIP moving a lot faster. Its unique way of prioritizing work makes sure that the most important jobs are being worked on now. The Planning element of Protected Flow Manufacturing™ simulates the effect of issues concerning resource capacity and material availability that are likely to occur in the future. It uses bill of material, production routing, available capacity and inventory data to present solutions that allow the user to prevent those issues from occurring.

Together, the execution and predictive capabilities enable custom, make-to-order manufacturers to deliver to their customers when originally promised. “This not only improves the company’s reputation for on-time delivery with their customer, it also improves productivity and profitability of the company using PFM. We’re seeing potential improvements in value-added margin of 10% or more. Imagine, a small change in your operations leveraging a 10% increase in your revenues — all to the bottom-line. We’re seeing a lot of low-hanging fruit out there and are very excited at the prospects of what is to come for North American Manufacturing,” Mr. Lilly said.

Protected Flow Manufacturing™ is available for immediate add-on installation to the most popular ERP and business operations systems including Infor, Microsoft, Sage, Epicor, and more. About LillyWorks.

The Lilly family has been innovating software for manufacturing companies since 1960. LillyWorks serves only manufacturing companies. Fully aware that the needs of manufacturers have changed since last century and that MRP II functionality is no longer good enough, LillyWorks puts Manufacturing Back in ERP™. Lilly Works is headquartered at One Liberty Lane, Suite 210, Hampton, NH 03842. Telephone 603-926-9696 or visit www.www.lillyworks.com.

CONTACT INFORMATION For further information, contact: Mark Lilly Email Contact: MLilly@LWPerformance.com Office: 972-926-3580

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