The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently reported that workplace tech impacts hiring and worker retention. The survey of nearly 250 business executives, managers and consultants found that:

  • Fifty-five percent of respondents said their company’s workplace tech factor into decisions by applicants to accept job offers – or not.
  • Another 51% said outdated and inadequate technology impacts their ability to retain skilled workers.

Manufacturers should take note. For many manufacturers, their weakest technology link is where they need it most: shop floor production planning and execution.

Most shops don’t use their ERP’s scheduling features, instead relying on lots of spreadsheets and time-consuming scheduling meetings to manage and negotiate priorities

As a manufacturer, you won’t make a very good impression on your promising new hire when s/he is ushered into a frantic, ad hoc meeting to reconcile a production schedule that has gone awry. With talent scarce, your shop can’t afford to have young and promising employees walk away because your production scheduling system has given the impression that an otherwise great business is in chaos.

Protected Flow Manufacturing (PFM) empowers employees with advanced technology that’s easy to use. PFM brings order out of manufacturing scheduling chaos—letting you make commitments you can keep, while maximizing flow and avoiding the common pitfalls that eat away at your profit margins. PFM is the revolutionary approach to prioritizing shop orders, manufacturing execution, and planning that gives your employees what they want, including:

  • A dynamic, clear task list that automatically adjusts your manufacturing schedule to real-time changes.
  • Gives schedulers reliable predictions of future dangers and suggested actions, allowing you to deliver more orders on-time.
  • Empowers employees to answer the question, ‘Where’s my order?’ when customers inquire about the status of their orders.
  • A cloud-based technology solution that can be quickly and easily integrated or embedded directly into your existing ERP system.

The job market is tightening. As the WSJ article makes clear, employers who deploy practical technologies that empower end users will succeed in attracting top talent. PFM may be the key technology that your manufacturing enterprise needs most. PFM’s value as an automated production scheduling solution will help manufacturers like you retain an intelligent workforce and sustain your business’ success into the future.