We’re Invested in Your Success

Our dedicated Professional Services team provides customers across the country implementation, training, and support for PFM and PFM Enterprise. Our goal is to guide you toward building trust in your solution so that you can focus on growing your business.

LillyWorks Professional Services can help your shop:

You’re Already An Expert at Your Business

Though we take pride in developing products that are easy to implement and use, we are committed to providing training and knowledge transfer to ensure our customers can focus on doing what they do best. Our promise to you is simple:

  • We’ll help you take full advantage of our products to improve manufacturing operations and increase profits.
  • We’ll guide your team through the features that will ensure the best overall user experience.
  • We’ll help you gain peace of mind knowing that you don’t need to be a computer or cloud expert to benefit from your solution.

We Understand Manufacturing Challenges

The LillyWorks Professional Services team has decades of experience in successful manufacturing ERP implementations and is deeply knowledgeable in manufacturing process and planning. We’ll work closely with your team to assess your needs and develop a phased implementation plan that is right for your business.

  • Phase 1: Gain visibility into where your jobs are and what to work on next to begin immediately improving on-time delivery.
  • Phase 2: Gain visibility into future work orders, problematic operations, root cause analysis, and insights into open areas of capacity.
  • Phase 3: Gain visibility into heavily-loaded key resources to start enabling the best flow possible.

A Resource at Your Fingertips

LillyWorks Customer Support is available to help get your product questions answered quickly and accurately. Whether they’re questions about product features or best practices for using your system, we’re here to help.

  • Rest assured that our Customer Support team knows the complexities of manufacturing and understands the technology solutions being applied.
  • Work with a team that is always responsive to your needs and takes pride in ensuring your success.
  • Choose from a wide range of ongoing service plans available based on how much or how little you think you’ll need us.

Your Success Begins with Knowledge

At LillyWorks, we believe that knowledge transfer is a critical component of investing in your success. Our team offers educational and training programs designed to give you the knowledge and exposure needed to get the most value from your system.

  • Get ongoing education and training opportunities offered by the LillyWorks Professional Services team.
  • Take advantage of the wide array of education, training, and consulting services available through our Partners.
  • Meet the LillyWorks team at various events throughout the year to learn more about how we can help your manufacturing business succeed.


Working with the LillyWorks Customer Support team was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my IT career. They’re totally responsive and know what it takes to make us successful. We’re sticking with LillyWorks.
Jason Cromwell Conversion Technologies International, Inc.

Let Us Show You a Better Way

We would love to learn more about your production challenges and discuss how we can help you gain the visibility and control you need to improve manufacturing operations and increase profitability.

Contact us today to learn how our Professional Services team can help you:

  • Take full advantage of PFM to drastically improve on-time delivery
  • Build trust in your solution so your shop can start seeing the immediate benefits
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to get the most value out of your solution so that you can focus on running your business

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