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Our real-time production planning and execution and ERP software give manufacturers simple, effective solutions to the problems that get in the way of productivity, planning, and profitability.

I am currently scheduling using manual workarounds.

Are you:

Struggling with on-time delivery and throughput?

Managing production with whiteboards and spreadsheets?

Searching for a solution that works for your shop and your budget?

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I have an ERP, but the scheduling module doesn’t work for me.

Are you:

Invested in your ERP but ignoring the scheduling module?

Skeptical that any scheduling software will work?

Wanting true visibility into your shop floor production?

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I want on-time delivery, operational efficiency and financial clarity.

Are you:

Looking to shorten lead times and increase throughput?

Need transparency between production and performance?

Searching for a scalable ERP solution that grows with you?

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Find the right solution for your shop

  • Always know what to work on next
  • Prioritize based on how you actually work
  • Achieve better on-time delivery
  • Increase throughput to your bottom line
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  • Everything in PFM + manufacturing ERP
  • Scale as you grow
  • Get operational efficiency and financial clarity
  • Balance priorities with material planning
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