IndustryWeek webinar: Why Current Production Scheduling Tools Aren’t Helping You Deliver On-Time – and How to Fix It

Date: Thursday, August 9, 2018 Time: 2:00 p.m. EDT (GMT -4, New York) Duration: 1 Hour Event Type: Live Webinar Cost: Free



Tremendous strides have been made over the last 50 years in Production Scheduling. Once an extremely manual and time-consuming process, most of today’s ERP software packages have automated scheduling embedded and/or Advanced Planning and Scheduling tools available to bolt on to them.

Unfortunately, however, in spite of the tremendous amount of functionality, companies continue to struggle to deliver orders to their customers on-time. And in many cases, after making valiant, but unsuccessful efforts to “go-live” with production scheduling software, companies revert to scheduling the shop floor using whiteboards and spreadsheets – an extremely manual and time-consuming process.

Why is this? We will explore the underlying causes of the failure of modern production scheduling tools to make significant sustainable improvement to on-time delivery or the reduction of lead-times in Manufacturing companies today.

And then we will propose a simplified but effective alternative approach that combines several concepts from Manufacturing performance improvement philosophies.

You will learn:

  • How to be confident you’re always working on the right job at the right time.
  • What the key factor is that prevents you from trusting Scheduling software.
  • How to comfortably accept and manage “Rush” jobs.
  • Why there is a disconnect between the “Dispatch List” produced by Scheduling programs, and the true priorities on the Shop Floor.
  • How to easily deal with customer sales order date pull-ins (and push-outs) without having to run MRP or a scheduling program.
  • How to quickly and comfortably lower WIP, speed flow, reduce lead-times and raise your On-time Delivery Performance into the 90’s.



About Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM)

Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) is a revolutionary new Manufacturing Execution and Planning System. PFM is aimed specifically at the crucial area of “production execution”. Unlike traditional production scheduling, which attempts to create a plan against which to execute on the shop floor, PFM instead continuously and in real-time displays the most current and best production priorities on the shop floor. Following PFM priorities, manufacturers minimize wait times, maximize flow, and dramatically improve customer service levels. PFM is easy to use, fast to implement, and works with any ERP system. With PFM, our customers quickly realize the benefits of truly being able to protect their commitments by delivering on-time, in less time, every time. Learn more at

Are you having trouble fulfilling orders in a timely manner? Do you want to shorten lead times? Do you wish that your plant could win more profitable business