Join us as we welcome Elon Crust – Founder of TCO Strategies – to the LillyWorks’ Protected Flow Manufacturing ecosystem!

As with all our Channel Partners, TCO Strategies is passionate about introducing new, proven and effective approaches to manufacturing companies. Jim excels at seeing opportunities for improving the performance of manufacturing companies in several areas, including Production. For this reason, and Jim’s expertise at establishing solid client relationships, solving tough problems, and continuing to drive change in manufacturing:

We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership!

Jim is the Founder of TCO Strategies, an Employee Experience Consultancy that focuses on the manufacturing industry, designed to build healthier manufacturing cultures to help retain and recruit employees, ultimately leading to growth. He is an expert at combining industry best practices, proven systems, and deep customer knowledge to build a customized cultural roadmap. His work directly impacts people, practices, policies, and the overall employee experience.

Together, we look forward to continuing to spread the message of how best to improve performance in production, and forging new relationships to Solve the Late Problem for Good in Manufacturing! Get to know Jim by connecting with him on LinkedIn. We’re excited to have you on the team, Jim!

Cheers! The LillyWorks Team