These articles are portions of a lecture presented to APICS by our friend Gene Caiola.

In our last blog segment titled “Protected Flow Manufacturing – A Revolutionary New Approach” we explained the concept behind Protected Flow Manufacturing and how it differs from Finite Scheduling, in this blog we’ll be rocketing into the future…

Protected Flow Manufacturing – a Less Complicated Alternative for Execution and Continuous Improvement.

People who see Protected Flow Manufacturing understand how easy it is to implement and how powerful its results are. Even inaccurate run times can be tolerated in the model without significantly skewing the results. This allows a shop floor execution system to be stood up fast. Buffers protect the system and then as experiences are gained the buffers can be shortened as methods are deployed to shorten lead times.


These buffer reductions could come from productivity improvements gained through Kaizens or simply fundamental increases in physical capacity. In all cases however, the shop floor has an easy means to execute work while planning to improve the execution.

Protected Flow Manufacturing is the first real change in shop floor scheduling in almost 25 years. New advances in ERP system methodologies have become rare. Protected Flow Manufacturing was not built on adding incremental new logic to the existing finite scheduling model; it was built by seeing shop floor control in a completely new light.

Advances such as Protected Flow Manufacturing will be the cornerstone of keeping American industry vital into the far future.


AND THAT’S A WRAP! We hope you enjoyed this series, and maybe learned a thing or two along the way.

LillyWorks is bring ERP back to its roots. Our Protected Flow Manufacturing brings all the benefits of MRP back into ERP, while providing a reliable way to adapt to real-time changes, anticipate outcomes, and ensure on-time deliveries – all with an easy-to-use interface.

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