In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, optimizing production scheduling is crucial for efficient operations and meeting customer demands. While many companies still rely on Excel spreadsheets for production scheduling, it’s time to reconsider this outdated approach and embrace modern software solutions that offer seamless automation and optimization. Excel Production Schedule: Pros and Cons of a Familiar… READ MORE

Shop floor management holds immense importance in the realm of manufacturing. It is the linchpin ensuring smooth operations, optimal performance, and overall success.  Manufacturers can achieve improved efficiency and productivity by effectively coordinating and managing all activities that transpire on the shop floor.  By efficiently utilizing resources such as machines, materials, and labor, shop floor… READ MORE

Improving On-Time Delivery: It’s Not About Scheduling

It is increasingly difficult to align production planning with execution given the many variables in the current manufacturing environment of constant expedite mode and high-mix/low volume orders that bring more changes in set up. In this video from the 2020 American Aerospace & Defense Summit (AA&DS), Dec. 11-12, in Glendale, Ariz., LillyWorks President and CEO… READ MORE

How is your ERP system keeping up?

There are two areas to consider when looking at whether or not your current ERP system is keeping up with today’s newer Manufacturing ERP systems – functionality available and system architecture. Any ERP solution today must allow managers to track and manage production costs with the goal of allowing them to accurately price end items… READ MORE

How Does Protected Flow Manufacturing Benefit Sales?

You probably know that Protected Flow Manufacturing (PFM) offers your manufacturing shop a better way to plan and execute on the manufacturing floor. PFM protects you against all the variables that can throw off your schedule. PFM is easy to use, simple to understand, and powerful in the results it delivers. As your shop improves its performance… READ MORE

How can I improve my company’s profitability?

By: Lori Adams Last week I attended the National Tooling and Machining Association Emerging Leader Conference. As I spent time at the conference, I realized there was one underlying question most of the owners were asking: how can I improve my profitability? This is an important question to say the least, as profitability is what… READ MORE

Graphicast Accelerates Throughput, Shortens Lead Times and Expedites More Orders Using Protected Flow Manufacturing™

Graphicast, Inc. is a leading industrial manufacturer of high-quality zinc alloy castings. Located in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, Graphicast offers inspiration for manufacturers who want to leverage technology to shorten lead times and better serve their customers. In 2017, Graphicast implemented Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) by LillyWorks, a software developer with 55+ years of innovation in the manufacturing industry.… READ MORE