Graphicast Accelerates Throughput, Shortens Lead Times and Expedites More Orders Using Protected Flow Manufacturing™

Graphicast, Inc. is a leading industrial manufacturer of high-quality zinc alloy castings. Located in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, Graphicast offers inspiration for manufacturers who want to leverage technology to shorten lead times and better serve their customers. In 2017, Graphicast implemented Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) by LillyWorks, a software developer with 55+ years of innovation in the manufacturing industry.… READ MORE

Using Protected Flow Manufacturing to respond to when customers ask “When is my job going to be done?”

Val Zanchuck, President of Graphicast, discusses using Protected Flow Manufacturing‘s Predictor to respond to when Customer’s ask “When is my job going to be done?” by understanding how all jobs are placed into the production schedule, being able to identify gaps in shop floor resource capacity and being able to see anticipated completion dates. See the success story here. Val… READ MORE

Using Protected Flow Manufacturing’s Predictor and Flow Analysis to Offer Better Lead Times

Val Zanchuck, President of Graphicast, Inc. in Jaffrey, NH, talks about how the Predictor and the Flow Analysis within Protected Flow Manufacturing™ gives Graphicast the information they need to start offering better lead times, or to know how much excess capacity they need to maintain so that if a customer requests an expedite – they have the confidence in… READ MORE

Protected Flow Manufacturing Reduces Backlog and Targets Exactly When Jobs Will Ship

Val Zanchuck, President of Graphicast, Inc. in Jaffrey, NH, talks about how his Company’s good fortune – receiving a disruptive amount of orders for immediate delivery – lead to difficulties delivering on time, and how Protected Flow Manufacturing™ was able to allow them to not only recover, but to achieve results unheard of in the past. We… READ MORE

From LillyWorks President and CEO: There is a Path to Thriving in Uncertain Times

A timely and relevant article from The Fabricator reminds us that while the economic impact of COVID-19 is very real and very “right now” for many Americans, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for manufacturing. As the article explains, with ongoing investments in automation and technology and increased customer diversification more the norm… READ MORE

From IBM to LillyWorks: An Evolution

By: Richard T. (“Dick”) Lilly My working life has been spent trying to create the best manufacturing control system that the technology at the time will allow. By trying to recount each reiteration, I come up with a count of eleven successive creations. A short history is as follows. IBM 1960-1968 I joined IBM as… READ MORE

Freedom from ‘The Old Way’

The recurring nightmare for an owner of a small to medium-sized manufacturing business is the cost, complexity and lack of ROI of a traditional ERP system. However, new thinking and new cloud-based technology have given manufacturers lower risk and better tools to improve their performance. Read the full article at Freedom from “The Old Way” – Industrial… READ MORE

Why your ERP is not Helping you in Production – and how to fix it – without replacing your ERP

Manufacturing Webinar Let’s face it, “Manufacturing” was dropped by software vendors when MRP II turned to ERP in the mid-1990’s. The default functionality for managing production in ERP then and still today is traditional MRP and finite scheduling from the 1970’s and 80’s. And neither has changed much since then – over 40 years ago.… READ MORE

Enable Better Flow and Change How You View Shop Floor Production Capacity

No matter which traditional planning methods manufacturers use, the schedules generated by capacity-loading software often lead to frustration. This is because the majority of shop production scheduling software allocates capacity in a way that doesn’t align with actual execution priorities. Using the due date to sequence jobs from earliest to latest, these systems take all… READ MORE

ECI and LillyWorks Collaborate to Deliver Protected Flow Manufacturing to Macola Users

New integration will offer customers more robust scheduling functionality to improve on-time delivery ECI Software Solutions, a leader in cloud-based business management solutions, today announced a new strategic relationship with LillyWorks, Inc. to deliver Protected Flow Manufacturing™ (PFM) to its Macola® ERP software users. This new add-on will offer manufacturers a robust scheduling option to… READ MORE