LillyWorks Financials

State of the Art Financials for the 21st Century

Operational Efficiency with Financial Performance Clarity and Transparency

Available stand-alone or as an embedded feature of LillyWorks ERP.
Accurate Consolidated Information

Having accurate, consolidated financial improves the quality and timeliness of making informed business decisions. In today’s highly competitive landscape having access to the right information, at the right time, is essential in order for organizations to chart a path of sustained growth.

Maximize Cash Flow

LillyWorks Financials offers several modes of payment to an organizations customers. In addition to accepting payments from customers in the traditional manner, LillyWorks takes it to the next level by offering a variety of ways you can satisfy placed customer orders and satisfy open invoices.

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You can provide your customers the ability to immediately make credit card payments on orders placed so they do not have to provide credit card information in an unsecure manner. Alternatively, your customer can access LillyWorks online customer portal, where they can view transaction history and pay for open items via a credit card. Furthermore, if they are a repeat customer, they have the option to put their credit card on file. Of course, the traditional way of taking card payments over the phone are available to organizations who’s business processes require that level of ability.
Efficient Business Processes

Process inefficiency is one of the biggest reasons businesses suffer less than optimum margins which directly impacts a company’s bottom line. These efficiencies often comes from personnel directly responsible for maximizing production throughput who are working on the wrong thing at a less than optimum time. Examples of such counter-productivity can be found when a production department tries to maximize setup savings on a certain resource by running more product through that resource than is needed to satisfy current production orders. On the surface pursuing this type of setup savings seems logical, but that decision may be negatively impacting a company’s ability to meet their “promised” commitments with other jobs that require the same resource but require a different setup for that resource. In this example, setup savings are in indeed achieved – but at what cost? When choosing an ERP, maximizing the efficiency of business processes has to be one of managements top goals. LillyWorks ERP is squarely positioned to provide the facts that help to achieve that goal to your organization.

Introducing LillyWorks Financials

LillyWorks Financials is a state of the art financial management ERP solution that’s been designed to combine operational efficiency with financial performance clarity and transparency. It has been designed to work equally well in small and large environments, and equally as important, as your organization grows, the software design incorporates the ability to adapt to that growth and protect your implementation investment. Its robust, web-based, architecture offers accessibility to information from anywhere in the world. It can operate stand-alone or through its configurable production integration touchpoints, customers can easily configure and direct production activities to the ledger as needed for them to quickly make informed business decisions. LillyWorks financial inquiry center provides the drill-through functionality to provide complete transparency between finance and production. Additionally, LillyWorks Activity Centers offer operational expediency and efficiency for: processing and invoicing shipments, processing and receiving orders, depositing payment, and processing recurring transactions, to name a few, making LillyWorks Financials a truly state of the art financial solution for the 21st century.

LillyWorks Financials Includes:

  • Connector.

    Single-Step Sales Cycle Processes

    Sales Orders
    Miscellaneous Sales

  • Connector.

    Single-Step Purchase Workflow

    Purchase Orders
    Invoicing/Three-way Matching
    Miscellaneous Purchases

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    Financial Features

    Configurable Integration
    Flexible Calendars
    Standard/Custom Chart of Accounts
    Linear/Segmented Account Structure
    Customer/Supplier Deposits
    Credit Card Payments/Disbursements
    Transaction Processing Workflow
    Recurring Transactions
    Real-time Inventory Control

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    Enhanced User Security

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    Robust Import/Export

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    And More...

  • Banking
    Anonymous Items & Payments
    Financial Drill Downs
    Customer/Supplier Drill Downs
    “As Of” Aging
    Customer Inquiry Portal
    Financial Budgeting